Status Certificate UP: हैसियत प्रमाण पत्र (Haisiyat Praman Patra)

Status Certificate UP Online (Haisiyat Praman Patra UP): उत्तर प्रदेश Haisiyat Praman Patra / हैसियत प्रमाण पत्र आवेदन, स्टेटस चेक eDistrict पोर्टल पर। UP Status Certificate Online– e District UP : उत्तर प्रदेश के लोगों के लिए हैसियत प्रमाणपत्र / Haisiyat Praman Patra UP Status Certificate का होना बेहद ही जरूरी है।

Haisiyat Praman Patra (Status Certificate)

Haisiyat Praman Patra: An Overview and Importance in India

Haisiyat Praman Patra is a crucial document that serves as identity proof for an individual in India. It is a certificate that validates a person’s existence and certifies their social and economic status. The certificate is issued by the state government, and it serves as an important document for availing of various benefits provided by the government.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of Haisiyat Praman Patra in India, its benefits, and the process of obtaining it.

Name of ServiceHaisiyat Praman Patra (Status Certificate) by eDistrict UP
Name of DepartmentRevenue Department of Uttar Pradesh
BeneficiariesResidents of Uttar Pradesh
Launched byToll-Free Number
Managed byNational Informatics Centre (NIC)
Toll-Free Number0522-2304706
Official Website

What is Haisiyat Praman Patra?

Haisiyat Praman Patra is a certificate that is issued by the state government of India to certify an individual’s identity and social and economic status. It is an important document for individuals who belong to economically weaker sections of society as it enables them to avail themselves of various benefits provided by the government.

The certificate contains details such as the name of the individual, their father’s name, address, occupation, and annual income. It is used as proof of identity for availing of various government services such as ration cards, voter ID cards, and other social welfare schemes.

Benefits of Haisiyat Praman Patra

Haisiyat Praman Patra serves as proof of identity and helps individuals avail of various benefits provided by the government. Some of the benefits of having a Haisiyat Praman Patra are:

  1. Availment of government schemes: Haisiyat Praman Patra is mandatory for availing of various government schemes and benefits such as old-age pensions, widow pensions, and disability pensions.
  2. Ration card: A Haisiyat Praman Patra is also necessary for obtaining a ration card, which entitles individuals to purchase subsidized food grains from government-run fair-price shops.
  3. Voter ID card: The certificate is also required for obtaining a voter ID card, which is necessary for casting a vote in the elections.
  4. Scholarships: Students belonging to economically weaker sections of society can also avail of various scholarships provided by the government, and a Haisiyat Praman Patra is mandatory for availing of such scholarships.
  5. Bank loans: Individuals can also use the certificate as proof of identity and income for obtaining bank loans.

यूपी हैसियत प्रमाणपत्र – संक्षिप्त विवरण

प्रमाणपत्र का नामहैसियत प्रमाण पत्र उत्तर प्रदेश
उद्देश्यसंपत्ति और उसके मालिक का विवरण प्रदान करना
लॉन्च किया गयाउत्तर प्रदेश सरकार द्वारा
प्रमाणपत्र जारीकर्ता विभागराज्य राजस्व विभाग

UP Haisiyat Praman Patra के लिए शुल्क निम्नलिखित सारणी में दिया गया है-

ऑनलाइन आवेदन₹100 + उपयोगकर्ता शुल्क
जन सेवा केन्द्र₹120
नागरिक पोर्टल₹110

How to obtain Haisiyat Praman Patra?

The process of obtaining Haisiyat Praman Patra varies from state to state. However, the general procedure is as follows:

  1. Visit the nearest Tehsil or Revenue Department office.
  2. Obtain the application form for Haisiyat Praman Patra.
  3. Fill in the necessary details such as name, father’s name, address, occupation, and annual income.
  4. Attach the required documents such as identity proof, address proof, and income certificate.
  5. Submit the application form along with the required documents.
  6. Pay the applicable fee, and collect the Haisiyat Praman Patra once it is issued.

In conclusion, Haisiyat Praman Patra is an important document that certifies an individual’s identity, and social, and economic status. It enables individuals to avail themselves of various benefits and services provided by the government. Obtaining the certificate is a simple and straightforward process, and it is recommended that individuals belonging to economically weaker sections of society obtain it to avail of various government schemes and benefits.

UP Haisiyat Praman Patra Online Registration

STEP 1: Visit the official website

STEP 2: At the homepage, click on the “सिटीजन लॉगिन” link or directly click to open the UP citizen e-services login page which will appear as follows.

STEP 3: Here click on the “New Users Register – नवीन उपयोगकर्ता पंजीकरण?” link to open the UP status certificate online registration form.

STEP 4: Fill in all the details like name, date of birth, gender, address, mobile number, e-mail ID, and login ID and click at the “सुरक्षित करें” tab at the bottom. Then an OTP would be sent to the registered mobile number which would be the citizen’s “password” for the first-time login.

STEP 5: Next log in to change the password and then after logging in, click on the “आवेदन भरें” link.

STEP 6: Then select the ‘haisiyat certificate (हैसियत प्रमाण पत्र)‘ service the from “सेवा चुनें” section and click at the new application form (नवीन आवेदन करें) link. Here read all the instructions and click on the “आगे बढ़ें” tab to open the UP Haisiyat Praman Patra online application form 2023.

STEP 7: Here candidates will have to provide information about the applicant, and their property and provide detailed documentary proof to complete the application process.

STEP 8: Furthermore, candidates can take a printout of the completed haisiyat certificate application form and must keep it for any future reference. Check UP Haisiyat Praman Patra Apply Form Format –

All the applicants will get their Haisiyat Praman Patra within 30 days of the date of application. Yogi said that providing services to the people at ease and without any hassle & fear in a transparent manner is only possible due to good governance. Now check the Haisiyat Praman Patra Official Notification as it appears on the UP CMO website. The state govt. is also planning to start an online facility for apna khata online (khasra and khatauni) in the state.

UP Haisiyat Certificate Form PDF Download

All the candidates can even download UP Haisiyat Certificate Form PDF through the link –

जाति प्रमाण पत्र (Jati Praman Patra)आय प्रमाण पत्र (Aay Praman Patra)
अधिवास प्रमाण पत्र (Niwas Praman Patra)जन्म प्रमाण पत्र (Janam Praman Patra)
मृत्यु प्रमाण पत्र (Mrityu Praman Patra)विवाह पंजीकरण (Vivah Panjikaran)
चरित्र प्रमाण पत्र (Charitra Praman Patra)विवाह प्रमाण पत्र (Vivah Praman Patra)
नियोजन प्रमाण पत्र (Niyojan Praman Patra)स्थानांतरण प्रमाण पत्र (Sthanantaran Praman Patra)
हैसियत प्रमाण पत्र (Haisiyat Praman Patra)मानव संपदा पोर्टल (Manav Sampada UP)

Status Certificate UP से जुड़े कुछ महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न

हैसियत प्रमाण पत्र क्या काम आता है?

UP Haisiyat Praman Patra एक बहुत ही जरूरी सरकारी दस्तावेज होता है इसके माध्यम से किसी व्यक्ति की आर्थिक स्थिति के बारे में पता लगाया जा सकता है। आमतौर पर हैसियत प्रमाण पत्र की आवश्यकता सरकारी ठेका लेने, बड़ी बड़ी बिल्डिंग बनाने का काम लेने, सड़क का ठेका लेने या फिर बैंक से लोन लेने इत्यादि कामों के लिए पड़ती है।

हैसियत प्रमाण पत्र बनवाने के लिए क्या क्या डॉक्यूमेंट चाहिए?

हैसियत प्रमाण पत्र आवेदन के लिए मुख्य दस्तावेज –
आधार कार्ड
पैन कार्ड
अपने निवास का प्रमाण पत्र (जैसे कि बिजली का बिल)
पासपोर्ट साइज फोटो
अगर आपके नाम कोई जमीन है तो उसके कागजात
वह संपत्ति जो आपकी है उसके कागजात
आपके बैंक में रखी राशि

हैसियत प्रमाण पत्र कैसे देखें?

उत्तर प्रदेश के निवासी होने पर हैसियत प्रमाण पत्र ऑनलाइन आवेदन करने के लिए ई- डिस्ट्रिक्ट, उत्तर प्रदेश लिंक पर क्लिक करिए। अब वेबपोर्टल पर सिटिजन लॉग इन विकल्प पर क्लिक करिए। इसके बाद यदि ई -डिस्ट्रिक्ट पोर्टल पर आपका लॉग इन आईडी बना हुआ है तो यूज़र आईडी और पासवर्ड की सहायता से लॉग इन करिए।

हैसियत प्रमाण पत्र कितने दिन में बन जाता है?

अब आपका उत्तर प्रदेश हैसियत प्रमाण पत्र आवेदन की तिथि से 7 से 10 दिनों के भीतर जारी किया जाएगा।